倉木麻衣Official Fan Club「Mai-K.net」入會說明
Mai Kuraki Official Fanclub「Mai-K.net」Application Guide

Mai Kuraki overseas fans, you can join the official fanclub「Mai-K.net」with simply step now!!(Available areas may be limited for some countries and areas.)


「Mai-K.net」 to keep you informed about Mai Kuraki's latest news. 「YOU&Mai」 is the fanclub magazine and there is including interview, artist's article and many unreleased information and photograph as well. To join the fanclub, you will received the personal password, and it gave you to access to the website's member only page, such as Member Diary page. Moreover, the membership enabled you to get priority ticketing before the general public, goods at an attractive price. On top of that, you received some numerous surprises just to subscribe to the official Mai Kuraki fanclub.

<会員特典 Privilege>
Membership Card
Magazine「YOU&Mai」(4 quarterly magazines, March, June, September and the end of December)
Premium Goods for new subscriber and renew membership
Early access to concert tickets. (Enable added to drawing lots list, if were lucky, you would be drawn and receive an invitation for the meeting at the back stage to meet the artist.)
Receive a Greeting Card(Summer・Winter)
Receive a Birthday Card
Official Goods mailing order
オンラインファンクラブ(www.mai-k.net)用のパスワード発行 ※モバイルサイトあり
To get a personal password to access Online fanclub(www.mai-k.net) ※Mobile site also available
E-mail newsletter (Irregular)

<入会費・年会費 Membership Fee・Yearly Fee>

新規入会New Subscriber : ¥5,000(入会金Membership Fee¥1,000 + 年会費Yearly Fee¥4,000)

<入会方法 How to sign up>

Please view and check “Notice” and “membership rules” , then click agree and it will goes to payment settle page. Just input all necessary data and paid the membership fee Japanese yen 5,000. by credit card. After finished all process, you will receive the auto reply mail from us to your registered e-mail account, please keep this e-mail until you have got the first parcel from Mai-K.net. You will receive the membership card around one month after your payment is cleared.


We receive membership fees paid only by credit card.
We send your membership card etc. to you about a month after we confirm your payment. We apologize for the inconvenience. We'll register you as a fanclub member from your payment month. And you'll continue to be a member for a year. For example, if you pay in April 2009, you'll continue to be a fanclub member till the last day of March 2010.
To join our fanclub you need to tell us your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, birthday in English without fail.
After your payment you won't be able to cancel your membership no matter what the circumstance.

◆「Mai-K.net」会則案内・「Mai-K.net」membership rules◆

Membership fee is 4,000 yen a year (including taxes). As membership fee for new members is 1,000 yen, in the first year you need to pay membership fee 1,000 yen + yearly fee 4,000 yen = 5,000 yen (including taxes)
Once paid we won't be able to refund your membership fee (membership fee・yearly fee) to you.
You are not allowed to give your membership card and membership number to others. And you have to show your membership card and membership number to us in case needed.
You are not allowed to register your name except your real name. If an accident happens because you registered pen name or anyone else's name, we can't take any responsible for it at all. And you are not allowed to register your membership twice in our fanclub member.
If we find you're involved in illegal activities or infringing on artist's rights, or do other such things, we demand that you should show your identification card to us. And in case of serious situations, we'll demand that you should return your membership card to us and leave our fanclub.

◆会員様の個人情報について・member's information◆

「Mai-K.net」use member's personal information when we attain below purposes.

When you support Mai Kuraki and Mai-K.net, your responses will be used to better serve you in the future. When we give Mai Kuraki's and Mai-K.net's offer and information. When we give goods and services to you.
When we give you information which fanclub members asked for.
When we give you information about upcoming events or recruitments (campaign etc.).When we give explanations, some material, services to you.
When we answer fanclub member's questions
When we carry out investigations about Mai Kuraki and Mai-K.net.
For administrative purposes.

Do you agree with the above rules?


※Only persons who live in Japan or the first regions of EMS can register.
The first regions and countries of EMS
China, Taiwan, Shanghai, Macao, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia
※We use only Japanese or English when we answer your questions or we Mai-K.net send magazines and shipments to you. Other languages are not responded to. If you accept the above, you may join our fanclub.

Please select the country and region you live in.


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